A One-of-a-Kind Christmas in Upstate New York

A staid holiday house this is not! Think tie-dye instead of plaid and fuchsia rather than red. HGTV Magazine takes you inside.

The House

When it comes to holiday decorating, Betsy Olmsted doesn’t just hang a simple wreath above the fireplace — she finds one made of funky vintage ornaments. She doesn’t just put up a traditional Douglas fir — she dresses a glittery gold tree and caps it off with a homemade hot pink star. The textile designer, known for her hand-painted woodland scenes in neon colors, prides herself on decking the halls in a way that’s as unique as her Saratoga Springs, NY, home.

When she and her husband, Peter, first toured the converted 1890 carriage house, they fell for the way it married farmhouse charm with a modern layout. Plus all the walls were already painted a crisp white — the perfect backdrop to help Betsy’s spunky decorating style stand out. During the holidays, it makes her wildly festive touches all the more striking. As she puts it, “Christmas around here looks quirky and fun, just the way we like it.”

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