Until I discovered watercolors, I was unsure of how to put my traditional hand into practice. The magic of bleeding and blending colors applied in unexpected ways and traditional subjects sparked to life with unusual hues finally lifted my painting style to relevance. I fell in love with the way watercolors mimic dye, and when printed on fabric, the appearance of being hand painted. Thank you for letting me share my joy of inky color and pattern with you!


Our Founder

With a childhood dream of becoming a naturalist, Betsy has always adored animals and possessed an intrinsic fascination with the natural world, collecting specimens which have become subjects in her art. A passion for creatures and flora, hues and patterns, artistic expression and material culture form the foundation for Betsy Olmsted. Our exclusive prints begin as works on paper, hand painted by Betsy using watercolor, gouache, and ink.

Studio in the Stables

Nestled in a historic Victorian horse stable in Saratoga Springs NY, our studio is where ideas come to life, planning takes place, and designs become reality.

Made in India

We work closely with our production partner in India. From sourcing materials, sampling, full production, quality inspections, expertise in textiles, and willingness to produce small batch collections: we couldn't do it without this excellent team who shares our ethical values.

We Value

Creativity & Originality | Relationships & Communities | Quality & Our Environment

Our fabrics are printed digitally which allows us to create small batch collections while producing minimal dye waste to help protect waterways and conserve our environment. We work with closely with manufacturers in NC, PA, CT and India who support ethical practices and their communities.