Meet Betsy

Betsy Olmsted is the woman behind her namesake brand know for its lighthearted designs and cheerful color.  With a childhood dream of becoming a naturalist, Betsy has always adored animals and possessed an intrinsic fascination with the natural world, collecting specimens which have become subjects in her art.  Raised by a design savvy mother, Betsy learned to value objects of meaning: art, culture, antiques, and, most notably, textiles. With a passion for traveling and discovery, Betsy majored in art at Skidmore College and spent four inspiring months studying in India before receiving her Master's Degree in Textile Design from Philadelphia University.  Betsy's love of creatures and flora, hues and patterns, artistic expression and material culture formed the foundation for her company.  

Oh, and this is Hank, Betsy's sidekick and our beloved studio mascot. Hank pulls his weigh by modeling, licking the floor, and making us laugh with his snorts and stink.  

Betsy hand paints all of our designs using watercolor, gouache, and ink. The artwork is scanned and fine tuned on the computer before being sent to one of our valued manufacturers for printing.

Take a Glimpse Inside Our Sewing Partner's Shop in Rural Pennsylvania

We value our manufacturing partners and our relationships. Our favorite small, family owned and operated sewing shop supports the local community and women near Betsy's hometown of Lancaster, PA. We have been working together for 7 years-since early days of our company and are so proud to show you behind the scenes in action.

We Value

Creativity & Originality | Relationships & Communities | Quality & Our Environment

our pillows are individually cut by hand

stacks of colorful pieces await sewing and finishing

skilled women sew our goods with care

final touches include labels and tags

Low Impact Printing

All of our fabrics are printed digitally using colorfast textile dyes. Printing digitally allows us to create small batch collections while producing minimal dye waste to help protect our waterways and conserve our environment.

Where is it made?

Fabric Printing


Wallpaper Printing


Cutting & Sewing


Wear & Tabletop