Meet Betsy

Betsy Olmsted is the woman behind her namesake brand know for its nature inspired prints and imaginative color.  With a childhood dream of becoming a naturalist, Betsy has always adored animals and possessed an intrinsic fascination with the natural world, collecting specimens which have become subjects in her art. Through her travels and study, Betsy learned to value objects of meaning: art, culture, antiques, and, most notably, textiles. Upon majoring in studio art at Skidmore College she spent four inspiring months studying in India before receiving a Master's Degree in Textile Design from Philadelphia University.  Betsy's passion for creatures and flora, hues and patterns, artistic expression and material culture formed the foundation for her company.  
Hank is Betsy's sidekick and our beloved studio mascot who pulls his weight by modeling, licking the floor, and showing off his sense of humor.

From Paint to Print

Studio in the Stables

Nestled in a historic Victorian horse stable in Saratoga Springs NY, our studio is where ideas come to life, planning takes place, and designs become reality.

Our Pillows

Crafted in a small family run sewing shop in rural PA, our pillow manufacturing helps support the local community while ensuring the highest quality standards.

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